How Jump Start Technology Helped Bitly Manage Their Remote Work Challenges With Innovative, Cutting-edge IT Solutions


Our client Bitly. Inc. is a NYC-based, global tech company founded in 2008. As a service provider that supports customer service and marketing teams worldwide, the company has offices throughout the US and beyond. Jump Start Technology began a working relationship with Bitly when they opened their San Francisco offices in 2018.

At that time, Gillian Gale, the company’s Senior Workplace Experience Manager was looking for an IT provider to simply set up the basic networks and hard-wiring to get the office in San Francisco set up and ready to go.

At least, that was what the client initially was expecting.

“Initially, I reached out to Jump Start Technology for help setting up our networks and all of our desks with wiring, because I didn't know anything about it or how it worked. In other positions, I always had an IT person to call on for these tasks. So when Jump Start came in, I just threw all my trust at them and said, ’this is what I need’. They did everything I asked for and more.”

Gillian Gale

Senior Workplace Experience Manager


After the initial setup of the San Francisco office, the plan was to operate with a “do-it-yourself approach” to IT management, with the Jump Start team available to assist and offer guidance as needed.

This approach worked well until March 2020-when the COVID pandemic hit.

When the pandemic started-like everyone else on the planet-our client’s employees went to a remote working protocol. Fortunately, all employees were laptop users and not desktop users, so they all had the proper computer and hardware needed to make the work from home transition move smoothly.

All of a sudden, questions about compliance, and data management security moved front and center.

While the company had been following appropriate security and compliance practices for a “normal” workplace situation, when the pandemic hit, it became a critical concern within the organization that every device being used for remote work was secure and properly accounted for.

Not only was this a concern of the organization’s executive team, but their customers (and legal teams) as well. So, in order to make sure all issues surrounding security and compliance in a remote workspace were addressed, a Mobile Device Management project plan was developed in Spring 2020.


  • Mobile Device Management. Implemented a company-wide mobile device management (MDM) system that secures and inventory’s each device used for company business.
  • Security Patches & Updates. Built a centralized operating system for patches and security updates.
  • Asset Tracking. Implemented an asset tracking system of all hardware and equipment being used by employees of the company.
  • Systematized the process of procuring and securing all new machines and devices.
  • Remote Onboarding & Offboarding. Designed and implemented a fully-remote program for onboarding and off-boarding of all employees that seamlessly integrates with the company’s HR system.


With Jump Start Tech’s expertise and assistance, the Senior Workplace Experience Manager and her team were able to build a sustainable system for securing and inventorying all company machines and resources.  Now that employees are given the option of remote or in-office work (and that is the plan, post-pandemic as well), this new workflow and set of processes will allow for employee flexibility, as well as provide a secure framework for protecting company assets moving forward.