Let Jump Start Technology make your office move and relocation project a success. 

We know this isn’t an everyday event for you and even one small missed detail can spell an IT disaster; costing you thousands of dollars and hours of time and worry.  Our IT office move and relocation experts will provide guidance and support through every step of the process; from physical relocation of your IT assets as well as virtual migration of data to/from a cloud location.

Jump Start Technology’s office move and relocation team is here to:

  • Manage all tech-related vendor relationships and coordinate your entire relocation plan.
  • Create a Strategic Move Plan Overview for the project.
  • Provide cabling and migration services.
  • Assist with relocation budgeting and site selection.
  • Build an IT Asset Inventory.
  • Schedule planned downtime.
  • Recertify IT equipment as needed.

Learn more about our Office Move and Relocation Services throughout the  Palo Alto, San Jose and Mountain View area by giving us a call at 650-949-0667.